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What We Do?

Best Career Guidance provided a platform for students to come in and explore the variety of choices available today and assist them to choose the best fit career for them. Using advanced scientific approach, researched information, authentic data and unique decision methodologies, with personalized development we recommend the students. Career we suggest is by understanding your needs and suitability, a complete evaluation is done and a customized career plan is created for our students. A road map is laid down which guarantees you to succeed by following it in a proper manner. Such extensive support can definitely help you go a long way in your career!!

About the process:

The program is a two session program consisting 4 steps. Four P’s

– The student undergoes a self-assessment test/ think-through process.
– The child explores 3000+ occupations from 21 career clusters.
– A detailed road map of course, stream, electives, entrance exams, college and tutorials for top two career options are provided.
– Detailed summary report of the entire program is shared with the child.

Ways we can Help Students

Would remind student what they wanted to be when they were five. Most people don't change very much over time. They become more and more of who they are. Career Planning and Development offer a variety of assessments to help student identify interests and discover their personality type which, in turn, will help him/her make an informed decision.

College is all about learning. They will learn from an academic standpoint, but they also will learn about themselves. Encourage the student to do research on various majors. Encourage him/her to job shadow someone with a career in which they are interested. Encourage him/her to conduct an information interview to better understand what the job is really like.

The number one way to get a job is by networking. This means that is vital that students make good impressions while in college. Most students spend a lot of time online searching help wanted ads. This can lead to a job, but the most productive job search tip is to network and build positive relationships with others.

Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.

It is important for children’s to realize that the career decision-making process, is just that, a process. It is not an event. Individuals have to continuously make decisions regarding future careers. Making sound and informed decisions are the key to good choices. Understanding one (interests, skills, and values) also plays a major role in the decision-making process. It is important to take responsibility for and own the decisions made.

Parents want the best for their children.

Parents can best support their children by facilitating the decision making process. That doesn't mean making the decision for them-even if you are footing the bill. You want your children to enjoy their life's work and be fulfilled, not just earn a paycheck. It is possible to find some fulfillment and enjoyment from a career. We don't want your children’s entire identity to be wrapped up in a career, but we do want them to find satisfaction in going to work upon graduation.