The RIGHT method for finding the RIGHT Stream after 10th.

We have put down right methods to choose your stream after class 10th.

Take a Psychometric Assessment to map your Real Talents (Aptitude, Personality and Interest Test).

You see Psychometric test is not just an Aptitude test. It is important to take not only an Aptitude test, but also a personality test and an Interest test. You see the combination of these three, your Aptitudes, your personality and your Interests actually helps in clearly identifying which stream after 10th and course you should take.

We at Best Careers Guidance have our own standardized and validated Psychometric Test, which primarily judges a person across seven different aptitudes and twenty eight different personality traits and understands the Unique Talent pattern in the student. The results of the assessment are presented in two recommendation reports which clearly mention the strengths profile of the student, recommended stream after class 10th with subject combination and best suited careers and courses after 12th.


It’s never too early and it’s never too late to begin something which can be beneficial for once future. Keeping that in mind we have formulated techniques which could help a child even at their early stage beginning right from 7th standard going all way to college graduates.

But why so early do we really need it???

In today’s competitive world and given the variety of career options one can easily get lost on what could be best for me instead of the typical trial and error method why can’t we outsmart for classmates , fellow students by understanding our passion at the early stage and focus on it and follow .At Best Career guidance we believe that every individual has the rights to make his own choice and being these as one of our values we assist the students to find the right path regardless of their standards. We believe in the motto early the better.


After 10th a student’s life goes for a big change. While class 10th is an important milestone in a student’s life, it is also the starting point of one's career. It is now that the student takes up subjects of choice, prepares for courses after 12th and puts focused efforts for better career prospects in the future. It is often seen that students do not take the best decision and choose stream after 10th which is not fit for them and get influenced by external factors. There are many decisions that are to be taken.

  • 1. Which stream after 10th should I choose?.
  • 2. Which subjects in class 11th (After 10th) should I choose?
  • 3. Should I take coaching for competitive exams after 10th?
  • 4. Should I take state board or CBSE board after 10th?
  • 5. Should I go for diploma or other courses or complete schooling after 10th?

These are all important questions that brings about anxiety in students when he/she is in class 10th and here are the answers

No one likes to be behind their peers and while we do get it that it’s not every day we win. But right decisions will always guide you to the right path. It’s not always necessary to take the roads walked by all sometimes the road less taken is what could get you your fortunes. We all were sacred after completion of 10th passing wasn’t enough now we need to make the toughest choices which stream should I choose well if you would have come to us while you still in 8th and 9th these hassles wouldn’t have occurred . As we believe it’s our duty to guide our students to right path we stream line all these confusion by using our various guidance techniques. Every Individual’s has a talent some know about some don’t know many a times parental pressure and societal pressures can hamper our decision making skills and lead to choose a line which we weren’t meant for .

Selecting a stream from science, commerce, computer science arts can be difficult not necessary a topper of class 10th is only meant to select science stream and has sealed his fate to become a doctor or an engineer he might know his talent with number could make him a future chartered accountant. We all select our streams based on our marks rather than our passion and interest. We are here to sort out these confusions which may not occur while selecting but could come back hurting you while you’re moving into 12th . Careers could always be changed whenever one wants but this could prove disastrous if the choice doesn’t work on your favour. So why take risk and simple personality, aptitude tests could help you make sound decisions which could better your future. It’s never a bad thing to take a second opinion from a non-biased person. We at best career passionately work towards making our countries students more aware of themselves and give them the nurture they need be become strong tress while they are still plants.