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Are you concerned about selecting the best stream after CBSE class10th?

Have you been confused between Science, Commerce & Humanities/ Arts? You’ll get answers to all such questions here.

Class 10th results would be declared by end of May 2018 & you must have already started to think about the stream you are going to opt for. When a student completes his 10th, it is one of the most crucial stages of his academic career.

Children eagerly wait for the results & by considering the highest scoring subjects in their results; they decide their stream.Which is not the right way!

In India, Children first take up a stream & then decide the career related to those subjects

When we are supposed to plan a trip, Firstly we decide the destination & secondly we follow the path to the destination.Simple, Isn’t It?

But for our academics, we are just following the reverse gear! By making a blunder of selecting our stream first & later pursuing the career related to that stream.We are binding ourselves up for no reason by selecting a stream that has no connection with the voice of our passion & desires.

Either a child selects a stream which is opted by most of his peers or follow the trend of selecting the subject in which he scores the highest marks.

But your stream after 10th is going to be a life-changing decision for your career.As you’ll have to stick to your decision & continue pursuing the same stream for years & later follow your career in the same sector.

Now, this is something that matters.Your career!

Your stream should be chosen by carrying out a complete evaluation of your skills, hobbies, passion & intellect.It should match with your interests & abilities.

Albert Einstein has rightly said!

“If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend its whole life thinking that it’s stupid.”

Similarly, if a child having interest in medical field mistakenly opts for engineering under some pressure, his skills would be suppressed & he won’t be able to perform up to his full potential.

We don’t want you to regret for the rest of your lives for not being attentive while choosing your stream after 10th.

You must find out something that excites you about a subject before making your decision.


Tags:Here’s a quick glance at 3 Broad Streams for you:


It has subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.This field allows students for further studies in medical & engineering related areas.In this stream, children have to dedicate study practical lab sessions as well theoretical subjects.

If you are looking forward to pursuing further in the medical field, you need to choose Biology, Physics & Chemistry where Biology will be the core subject for you.

And the students who want to go in the technical world like engineering & architecture can opt for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics with Computers.


Art or Humanities is a great option for people who are avid learners & plan to grasp more knowledge about things.You get to study Geography, History, Language, Political Science, Psychology, Mass-Media, Journalism & Literature in this stream.


Here you learn trade,finance,commerce,business & financial marketing.This is best for students who want to become entrepreneurs and work into MNCs & banks.