About Us

We at the best career guidance is a perfect example of how people of passion when they come together creates a unique platform. A mishmash of passion towards education coupled with excellence in technology and vast experience in the field of education has resulted in best career guidance being born.

  • Guided by the passion of our visionary trio of Mr. Wasif Nisar (Managing Director) and Mr. M Husain (CEO) and Ms. Bhagya Lakshmi (COO) has helped many students find their right path. Individually all of them carry a vast experience in the field of education.
  • Our visionaries are well known in the field of education expertise in understanding the roots of Indian education systems what lacks and what needs to be done, dedicating their careers for students, a dynamic mixing which has led to many satisfied clients. Their dive in the field of career guidance has opened up new avenues for our youths. The new advent is resulting into clients being explored to new gen techniques using psychological analysis to weed out human interferences in career decision making.
  • Every journey has a ending but this is the beginning of a new era in career guidance for students in India , a new system of machine learning and artificial intelligence blends has made us the most interesting start-up in the field of career counselling.
  • Many of our clients were initially skeptical about the latest methods used by us , something’s which are routinely missing in India’s career counselling methods . But once they see how the process keeps their children everything changes. We have created an end to end cycle as we don’t want to miss out any information’s which could hamper our client’s career. All such initiatives have helped us achieve happy customers and this trust which we build is helping us to form a group of loyal customers who always turn to us at any junction of their educational careers.


We everyone longs for a successful career after toiling their way out during their time at school, as a graduate and post graduate. Best career guidance helps students to create their own success stories by providing them with accurate information’s and guide them through the right channels. Letting the students explore of new doors opened for them helps them to choose what they are good at. Many a times students are unaware of the opportunities lying in front of them, the task becomes difficult, it’s like finding a needle in a stack of hay. This where best career guidance comes in, we help you find the choices which will suit your career eventually students leading a prosperous life.

Our sessions our tailor made incorporating activities to help students understand their own unique styles of learning, leveraging their strengths to enhance their learning techniques, and help them explore their skills.

We help in the Exploration of over 300+ Careers, Comprehensive Planning of all aspects from Career to education pathway to College selection and how the entire decision making happens through a data driven process.

'You're not one of the billion, but one in billion’

We know every individual has a distinct talent in them, it's all about finding it out. Best career guidance is all about finding your inner talents and putting it in front of our clients. Right information is the true wealth and we at best career ensure this is one of our cornerstone of our company, providing our clients an outstanding career development services, utilizing advanced scientific data, facilitating educational and experiential application. By guiding students and educating them on making informed career choices, decisions, and contributions in a global society.

Being the repository of knowledge is what we aim to be. Serving the needs of the students to achieve their best in their career is what we want, we provide high quality and diversity-sensitive services through guidance, consultation and lasting partnerships, designed to facilitate learning and advance well-being.

    We follow very simple steps to achieve our mission:

  • Connect student’s interests, values, skills and personality to the world of work.
  • Aiding in the development of students' interests by witnessing them to various industries and careers.
  • Listening and helping with personal concerns that relate to career decisions.
  • We assist in students' decisions by planning for graduate or professional school and how to implement in perfect manner.

Best career guidance is the world’s most advanced career guidance company who enables students to discover their best fit careers and take smart decisions in terms of their academics as well as their career.

We ensure the student is made aware and better this eventually leads to our work being better .Best Career guidance helps its students to find what they love in terms of what course to study and where to study using our unique blend of techniques we provide a complete end to end career guidance matching to the needs of everyone involved in the smart career planning process. New careers are formulated every day and our new generation students only need to find which one is right for them, we help them find this .Our programs are a result of well-structured research done in the field of education and this helps our students to be more meticulous while choosing their careers and universities.

Best Career Guidance provided a platform for students to come in and explore the variety of choices available today and assist them to choose the best fit career for them. Using advanced scientific approach, researched information, authentic data and unique decision methodologies, with personalized development we recommend the students. Career we suggest is by understanding your needs and suitability, a complete evaluation is done and a customized career plan is created for our students. A road map is laid down which guarantees you to succeed by following it in a proper manner. Such extensive support can definitely help you go a long way in your career!!.

In India there are many career guidance companies and they use a single psychometric test to guide the students. But BCG uses four different advanced scientific data test to analyze a Childs true strength.

Four test- MBTI (personality test), RIASEC (vocational interest), VARK (learning styles) and Aptitude test. Which gives accurate results and help child choose the right career based on their interest and abilities

Choosing a career can be confusing and scary at times, this is the first step you’re taking which will lay the foundation of your future. What influences your decision can be a crucial turning point of one’s career, right advices has always been a boon for anyone who’s confused. Not all of us could be best discussion makers all the time , The kind of support and guidance one receives in this process, can often form the fine line between a successful and an unsuccessful career decision. Keeping this significance in mind, we created a comparison of the main platforms available in India currently, to provide an objective, and unbiased review for the benefit of anyone seeking career guidance.

Career assessments form the base of any counseling activity, as they help provide a realistic evaluation of a student’s abilities and strengths. Such an evaluation helps the student gain an unbiased and accurate insight into his/her own self. Assessments also aid the counselor’s understanding of the student’s core set of abilities, thus painting a true picture of the unique traits and factors influencing the student’s career choice and satisfaction.

Every choice one makes either pushes him towards immense success or becomes a recipe for failure. A right guidance can go miles in changing your life forever. Our guidance ninjas are well versed with analyzing an individuals need and capacity this understanding helps them to crave out the best suited careers for you.